Top 5 Tips for Anzio

So, you’ve decided to travel to Anzio. Here are the top 5 tips you need to know for your trip.

Number 1:

You can walk everywhere. There is no need to rent a car. Most sidewalks are even stroller friendly! Believe me, you are going to want to walk everywhere so you can eat all the delicious foods.

Number 2: 

Before leaving for Anzio, be sure to buy a bottle of water. Once you get there, it is hot and dehydration can creep up on you quick.

Number 3: 

Book your reservation with Ristorante Turcotto at least 3-5 days in advanced. Be specific and tell them you want to sit in the foyer against the balcony with the ocean view. If you don’t say it specifically, you’ll just end up anywhere.

Number 4:

If you’re staying at the Airbnb I recommended or closer to the center of town, be sure to get off the second Anzio stop (if you’re coming from Rome). My husband and I made the mistake of getting off the first one and had to walk about 25 minutes in the heat with our luggage and no water.

Number 5:

Bring cash (Euros). Since Anzio isn’t a popular foreign touristy spot, it’s best to pay cash. You don’t have to worry about scams or cards declining and I’m sure most of these businesses prefer cash. You also have a better chance of haggling prices at some of the stores.


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