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Welcome to TrippyTulip. My name is Nesrin and this is an inside edition on my world of being different. For as long as I can remember, I always followed the beat to my own drum. Growing up, people perceived me as funny, loud and kind of annoying. I was different because I didn’t need anyone else’s approval to do something. No-one told me how I was allowed to act. I was my own person and I did my own thing. I didn’t care what people thought and guess what, I still don’t.

I grew up first-generation in a Turkish household 5 minutes from The George Washington Bridge. I had to be home before the street lights came on even if I was only 300 ft away at my child-hood best friend’s house. My favorite food is airplane food mainly because Turkish Airlines knows how to serve a meal. Most summers, my mom, sister and I traveled to Turkey and visited extended family. I remember the distinct smell of wax from a fresh box of crayons I would open as soon as we settled in our seats. The idea of being in New Jersey one day and waking up in another country the next fascinated me.

Ever since I was a kid, I was very artistic. In the mornings, I would wake up just to watch Pappyland and draw ridiculousness. We’d turn kites into lions! As I pre-teen, I wrote those typical love, heart breaker poems. In high school, I composed my first children’s book and designed a magazine cover based on the book The Scarlet Letter. I even wrote a fake interview with Pearl who reminded me of a lot like myself.

My college years I spent up at UMass. I went to Amherst to get out and try something new. With a major in journalism, I explored the city, interviewed random locals, and lived the motif, what’s meant to be will be. I even sat barefoot beyond the gates of Emily Dickinson’s grave and wrote poetry with blood red ink. My final year in college, I designed my first animation with only Paint, iMovie, and iTunes.

When I studied photography abroad in Firenze, I absolutely fell in love with the architecture and culture. That city never gets old, even though it’s actually pretty old. After UMass, I freelanced photography in New York City and art directed music sets. Eventually, I fell into the field of education. For years, I taught fourth grade and I had the time of my life; minus all the grading, the prep work, especially since most of my curriculum design reflects Bloom’s Taxonomy. I believe that the way students learn are different just like our personalities. We weren’t meant to follow the rules of a clique, or even create them for that matter. Life has enough rules and why should anyone be subjected to living out the ones designed based on selfish peer pressure?

Today, I am happily married to my soulmate and work for an incredible company designing curriculum for higher education. I travel often and am a meticulous planner. I still design animation and compose children’s books. I’m just waiting for my time to break. That’s why I created TrippyTulip. It’s not just a travel blog. TrippyTulip is a way of embracing life. People will always judge you when you’re different. My writing, photography, and art show the world that I am inspired to be my quirky self and all of you out there can and should do the same. I have a cultured perspective on life. From words of wisdom to photos of paradise, I’ll be sure to take you along every step of my journey to being myself.

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Hey there! My name is Nesrin, but most people call me Trippy. I am a travel blogger and soon to be tripping to a city near you. Airplane food is my favorite, especially on Turkish Airlines. I love planning new trips and meeting new people. TrippyTulip.com - "Bringing the moment to you one trip at a time."