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For as long as I can remember, I always followed the beat to my own drum. I grew up first-generation in a Turkish household 5 minutes from The George Washington Bridge. I had to be home before the street lights came on even if I was only next door. My favorite food is airplane food and the idea of being in New Jersey one morning and in another state or country by night fascinates me.

Growing up,  I was always very artistic. In the mornings, I’d wake up early to watch an episode of Pappyland. We would turn kites into lion heads, triangles into mouse heads, and ice-cream cones into western cowboys hands.. As a pre-teen, I wrote your typical teenage angst poems, mostly in couplets. In high school, I composed my first children’s book and designed a magazine cover based on the book The Scarlet Letter. I even wrote a fake interview with Pearl who reminded me of a lot like myself.

My college years I spent up at The University of Massachusetts. With a major in journalism, I explored the city, interviewed random locals, and lived the motif, what’s meant to be will be. I even sat barefoot beyond the gates of Emily Dickinson’s grave and wrote poetry in blood red ink. By my final year in college, I designed my first animation with only Paint, iMovie, and iTunes.

I went on to study abroad in Florence, Italy. I completed my Italian minor and took a photography class that was heavy in Adobe Photoshop. Upon my return to the states, I freelanced photography in New York City and art directed music sets. During the rise of my photography career, I decided to hit the breaks and go back for my MA in education and took a position as an elementary school teacher. It was within this career that I was able to exercise and harness my creativity, especially in curriculum design with a great focus on Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Today, I am a contemporary artist and writer with a great deal of interest all types of medians. I believe that my meticulousness and determination can be applied to any art form. From travel writing and curriculum designing to shoe customization, I believe that my artistic abilities are endless.

TrippyTulip.com – “Bringing the moment to you one trip at a time”

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Hey there, TrippyTulip here. I am a contemporary artist who is currently in the midst of an exciting new project. Come check it out! TrippyTulip.com - "Bringing the moment to you one trip at a time."