How Can I Save Money For My Vacation?

Saving up for your next vacation is certainly not easy. Everyday, there are plenty of opportunities to spend money and every month, those darn bills make their way back into your life. Being that I make travel a priority in my life, I have honed down on some special tips to help save money for my next trip. Let me know which one worked best for you!

  1. Throw  spare change into a jug.
  2. Make coffee at home. It’s not only healthier, but it can save you money big time! The average cup of coffee costs $2.70. If you buy one cup every workday for an entire year, you’ve spent about $720. If you buy one everyday, you’re looking at spending close to $1000 per year on coffee. (Mind = Blown)
  3. Give yourself an allowance every week and what ever money you don’t spend, put to the side for your trip.
  4. Check your bank account everyday and transfer your change to another account.

Using any one of these tips can help you accumulate a good chunk of change that you can use for extra spending money while on your trip.




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