What Is Ferragosto?



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Ferragosto is one of the most popular holidays in Italy. August 15 is the designated day and biblically, it represents the day Mary Ascended into Heaven. Most of Italy begins their vacations mid-August and it usually lasts till about the end of the month. If you plan on traveling to Italy in the month of August, plan accordingly and keep these tips in mind:

  • Most of Italy goes to the southern beach towns.
  • Rome, Florence, and Venice are still busy with tourists.
  • Lots of cities such as Padova, Verona, and Milan quite down.
  • August 15 is the actual holiday. Research where you are at this time and chances are you’ll find a festival to attend. Apparently, they say Sienna is the place to go and one day, I will.

My husband and I were in Padova for Ferragosto and I must say, they did a beautiful job! They had foreign celebrities preform and even fireworks. It was absolutely magical.




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