What You Didn’t Know About Florence

When you travel to Florence, there are certain things that you would only know if you were a local, talked to a local, or stumbled upon it. Here are a couple of examples.

  1. Did you know there is a statue called “Il Porcellino” aka “The Bronze Fountain of A Bore” located in Mercato Nuovo? People kiss its snout to ensure safe travels and possibly a future return to Florence. I was told that if I kissed it I would find true love.
  2. Did you know that the real gold doors to the Baptistry of San Giovanni are inside the museum? The museum is called “Museo dell’Opera del Duomo.”
  3. Did you know that the blue prints to St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City are coated in Florence at the Uffizi Gallery?
  4. Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci invited many instruments in Florence, but because he passed away in France his Mona Lisa is there? 
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