Saint Anthony Basilica


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Ever since college, I had a spiritual connection with Saint Anthony! Before I met my husband in 2014, I prayed to Saint Anthony and asked for him to help me find my lost love. Even though I didn’t know who my “lost love” was, I knew he was out there somewhere. Not too long after I prayed, I met my husband and guess what?! His name is Antonio!

Now that I am married to my soulmate, I wanted to thank Saint Anthony and pilgrimage to his church in Padova, Italy. We dressed up in our “Sunday Best” and attended mass. We even got our rings blessed at the alter during communion. I believe in spirit and in energy.

After mass, my husband and I payed our respects to Saint Anthony at his tombstone which is located inside the church. When it was my turn, I felt this overwhelming rush of emotions overtake my body and I just started to cry. I was so thankful for the inspiration that Saint Anthony instilled in my life. I strongly believe that Saint Anthony brought my husband to me and I am eternally grateful.




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