“Top 5” You Must Do In Venice

Hopefully you have taken my advice and only booked a day trip to Venice. When you go to Venice, there are 5 things that you absolutely must do! One thing that is a “Must” is to just simply get lost and wander around Venice. Now, I didn’t write that on the list because you are inevitably going to end up getting lost so it will just fit into your itinerary anyway.


▼ Number 5: Murano Museum or La Pietra Filosofale

Venice is known for their handblown glass. The Murano Museum is a spectacular sight! Some pieces in the collections on display are so intricate that it will blow your mind. Do keep in mind though that in order to get there, you have to take a water taxi.

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If you don’t want to take a water taxi my other Top 5 choice is go to “La Pietra Filosofale” for a Venetian Mask. The store itself is like a museum and you can actually wear all the masks that are in the store. To get there, be sure to cross over the Rialto Bridge towards Chiesa di San Bartolomeo di Rialto.



▼ Number 4: Take a picture on the Rialto Bridge


The Rialto Bridge is iconic and certainly one of the best spots in Venice that you just must take a selfie. You have to wait patiently and be assertive to get a spot next to the water to take a picture.



▼ Number 3: Liberia Acqua Alta

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Liberia Acqua Alta is one of the most unique books stores you will ever see in your life. Due to the constant flooding in Venice, the books on the ground are constantly damp or getting destroyed. What the owner decided to do was create steps behind the book store that are actually made up of the worn books. It’s totally a must see when you’re in Venice.



▼ Number 2: Saint Marco’s Square

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▼ Number 1: Take A Gondola Ride


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When you think of Venice, you automatically think about a gondola. You have to ride on a gondola while you’re in Venice and ask your Gondolier to sing for you.




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