“Top 5” Tips For Florence

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Visiting Florence should be on everyone’s bucket list. The streets are made up of cobble stones and no building looks the same. Legends like Machiavelli, Dante, and Leonardo da Vinci were all from Florence.

Here are the top 5 tips to keep in mind when you travel to Florence.


▼ Number 1: Walk

Don’t even try to take a taxi. First of all, the likelihood of them ripping you off is high because only tourists take taxis. Secondly, a taxi is probably going take longer than walking yourself, especially during peak touring hours of the day.


▼ Number 2: Book tickets in advance

If you plan on going to the top of the Duomo, which if it’s your first time in Florence you totally should, book your ticket at least 2-3 month in advance. Certain museums you can purchase your tickets about 3 days in advance. When you purchase your tickets, you can even reserve a time slot. It’s best to tour museums when they open till about 11:30am. After that, it’s too crowded.


▼ Number 3: Shop at the Mercato Centrale

The open market is perfect for leather shopping. Every time I’m there, I always buy myself a new leather-bound journal. Now, here’s the catch. When I asked for the price at the first stand I passed, they said 35Euros. NEVER accept the first offer you receive. The next stand I went to wanted 30Euros. As I walked away, the man asked me what I was willing to pay. I said 10Euros. He laughed so I kept walking away. Scared I would leave without purchasing something from his stand, he offered 20. I said no, 10. He said okay 15. I said okay! lol. —-Lesson learned: Never accept the first offer they give you and always go with cash. This way you have the advantage when you counter offer.


▼ Number 4: Bring the right shoes

There is so much walking and waiting on lines in Florence and the streets are made of cobble stones. Be prepared to wear the right shoes. Personally, I rocked wedges most nights out, but during the day I definitely wore a fashionable pair of Adidas as did my husband. We averaged like 8 miles a day, so dress appropriately.


▼ Number 5: Find the Duomo

The Duomo is your compass. Know where you are in relation to the Duomo at all times. When you don’t know where you’re going, use the Duomo. It’s truly located in the heart of the city.

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