“Top Tips” Before You Travel To Italy

Before you travel to Italy, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are the “Top Tips” you should know to better prepare you for your travel to Italy and while you’re there.


▼ Top Tips Before Traveling To Italy

Before you purchase your plane tickets

  • August 15 is a major holiday in Italy. – FerragostoDuring mid-end of August, lots of restaurants in Northern Italy are closed. Everyone goes on vacation for Ferragosto.
    • Most popular spots in major cities like Rome and Florence are open during Ferragosto.
  • January 6 is a major holiday in Italy. – Epiphania
  • January is the best time to travel to Italy for shopping.
  • Take an evening flight to Italy so you get there in the morning.
  • Stay away from connecting flights in Italy. They are a mess.


Before you get to the airport

  • Most air bnb’s have washers and no driers. Be sure to pack liquid fabric softener. Trust me, you’ll miss it.
  • Pack your student id. Lots of museums give discounts to students.
  • Purchase the apps I recommended in my article.
  • Be sure to exchange your currency before you go. TD Bank has foreign money on the spot.
  • Weigh your luggage or it’ll cost you anywhere from $100-$300 in over baggage fees.
  • Jail break your phone with your wireless carrier.
  • Let card companies know you will be traveling.
  • Bring an empty water canteen.


At the Airport

  • When you arrive in Italy, at the airport buy a sim card.
  • Do not be persuaded by any of the bus companies to drive you to your hotel. Just take the train where you need to go.
  • Some major cities in Italy have Uber.


▼ Top Tips While You’re In Italy

  • Many stores close daily between the hours of 1:30-4:00 pm except in the heart of the touristy spots.
  • In most cities, you can pretty much walk anywhere.
  • Look in to traveling from major cities with Frecciarossa. For more info click here.




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