“Top 10” Apps To Download Before You Travel


Before traveling, it is important to stock up on apps that you can access in multiple countries with or without data. From having a map to catching your next ride, here are Top 10 apps not in any particular order that are must downloads prior to travel.


“CityMaps2Go Travel Guide”

▼ $ “CityMaps2Go Travel Guide”  – Download maps before you go and have access to them while you travel. You can even search places to eat. If you have data, this app can access your location and give you live directions. This app is fun to use to keep track of all the attractions you visit during your trip.



▼ “Uber” – Yes, that’s right! “Uber” can be found in large, densely populated cities such as Milan and Rome. Why pay an unknown rate for a taxi when you can get a fixed rate and even select a luxury vehicle to get you to your next destination.


“App in the Air

▼ “App in the Air” – Need a flight update? How about a map of the international airport you just arrived to for the first time? “App in the Air” not only allows you to access flight and airport information, you can also upload your boarding pass. Go premium and receive an update when it’s time to check in to your flights.


“Google Docs”

▼ “Google Docs” – Got an itinerary posted via “Google Docs?” Whether you’re online or offline, “Google Docs” is an app that can always be accessed. You can even keep copies of your passport and other important documentations here.


“Gas Buddy

▼ “Gas Buddy” – If you are taking a road trip, finding the best gas prices is certainly not easy. “Gas Buddy” accesses your location, discovers multiple gas stations, and shares prices. This app is best for U.S. domestic travel by car or RV.


“Trip Advisor”

▼ “Trip Advisor” – Some of the greatest attractions and restaurants around the world are highlighted on “TripAdvisor.” This app is one of the most reliable sources abroad. You can even buy tickets for the latest attractions. This app is best for international travel.



▼ “Yelp” – Are you hungry and in The United States? Search by location on “Yelp” to find the hottest spots to eat during your travels. You can even swipe through hundreds of photos before making your decision. This app is best for domestic travel.



▼ “Airbnb” – This app is the “Guru” for all sleeping accommodations domestic or international, or for your next weekend getaway. “Airbnb” will provide you lower prices and more amenities. Be sure to only book places that actually have reviews and always read the bad ones because they give you more information about the listing that the pictures and the description purposely leave out.



▼ “iBooks” – “iBooks” is the perfect app to download to catch up on your reading between locations. Whether you are on the plane or on the train, downloads can be accessed without using any data.


“Camp and Tent”

▼ $ “Camp and Tent” – This app is perfect for a road trip across America or Canada. “Camp and Tent” costs $5.99. You can access the locations of campsites without data and the app identifies campsites that are tent and RV friendly. This app includes pictures, prices and directions to campsites. This app is a must have if you plan on camping anywhere in America or Canada.


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