The “Top 5” Things To Do In Florence

Florence is my most favorite city that I’ve ever been to. There is just so much to see. I am thankful enough that I actually studied abroad there and because I did, I have just the right tips for you before you go. Even though there is so much to see, don’t stress and just pick a few sights that are a must. Oh wait, I did that for you. Here you go!



▼ Number 1: Go see the David @ the Uffizi.

The David, located in Galleria del Academia,  is one of the most spectacular statues you will ever see in your life! Believe me, it’s bigger in person than you think.




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▼ Number 2: Walk up to the top of the Dome and Giotti’s Bell Tower. 

The view is absolutely spectacular at the top. You can see pretty much all of Tuscany. When I studied abroad in Florence, I was able to walk to the top of the Duomo. Unfortunately when my husband and I went to Italy in 2017, all the tickets were sold out! We learned our lesson the hard way. Be sure to book your ticket months in advance. The Giotto Tower however, doesn’t sell out as fast and can be purchased a just few days in advance.




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▼ Number 3: Walk across Ponte Vecchio

This bridge is iconic and though the jewelry may be expensive, it is still totally worth the view. Be sure to walk to Ponte Santa Trinita Bridge and take a picture with Ponte Vecchio behind you. Another great view of Ponte Vecchio can be found from a window in the Uffizi Gallery.




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▼ Number 4: EAT AT Acqua Al2

If you are a meat eater, you HAVE to get the blueberry steak. It is out of this world. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I can promise you it’s not as sweet as you may think. The meat cuts like butter.




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▼ Number 5: Take a Tuscan wine tour

Tuscany is like the holy grail of wine. My husband and I took the “Super Chianti Tour” and honestly, it was such a memorable experience…from what we remembered that is. I’m just kidding. We had a blast! There is a whole post just on the wine tour. I now have a more educated form of purchasing wines at the store.




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