Top 5 Tips Before Traveling to Venice

Venice is a beautiful city with such a rich history. Venetian people are very wise and acclimated to all different types of cultures. It’s a floating melting pot. When it comes to touring Venice, there are a few tips that you should know.


▼ 1. Stay in a nearby city and take the train into Venice.


My husband and I spent 3 nights in Padova and took the train into Venice on one of the days. It was only a 30 minute train ride with Frecciarossa and it cost about 40 Euros for one premium business class ticket. Venice has so many steps and bridges that I couldn’t even imagine rolling my luggage around, especially during the hot summer days.



▼ 2. You really only need the day

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Though Venice may be quite large and difficult to navigate, you really only need the day to see the major attractions. Of course if you wanted to stay longer I’m sure you’d find something to do, but in my opinion, you really only need 1 day, 2 days max!



▼ 3. Eat before you go


My husband and I made the mistake of not eating before we went. The “Italian” restaurants/cafes are very Americanized due to the high volume in tourists so the quality of food isn’t the best. During our trip, we decided to try Venetian cuisine. Big mistake! My pasta with scallops was way too over cooked. I never had chewer scallops in my life.



▼ 4. If you go during a full moon, bring rain boots.


The tide can get quite erratic in Venice. Just like any sea of water, the moon controls tides here in Venice, too. So, if you check your calendar and happen to be in Venice during a full moon, I would purchase some rain boots before making the trip out there.



▼ 5. Be prepared to deal with crowds

Venice is a hot commodity and there are mass amounts of people coming in and out of that city every day. Be prepared to deal with the crowds (I’m talking shoulder to shoulder in certain places). I will tell you though, it’s totally worth it.


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