Public Transportation in Italy

So, you’ve taken a plane to Italy and now that you have arrived, how do you travel from city to city? Of course you could rent a car, but driving in a foreign country is never easy and what if you don’t know the language. How are you possibly going to be able to understand the street signs? Most people in Italy travel by train. Before you get all adventurous and start to act like a local,  digest the following tips.

  • Some of the smaller train stations do not sell tickets on site. You may have to buy your train ticket in advance at a tobacco shop or a newspaper stand. In larger train stations, most ticket counters open between 6-7am.
  • You can buy train tickets online. Screen shot the tickets if a printer is not available.
  • If premium economy class is an option, do it! Pay the extra money. The cleanliness and security is worth it.
  • Be sure to validate your train ticket before boarding. If you do not, you can be fined up to 200 Euros. To validate your ticket after you purchase it, be sure to insert your physical ticket in any of the green machines on the platform. If you have a screen shot of your ticket, you still have to validate it. Scan your phone screen using the same machine.


  • You do not need to show up too early if you prepurchased your tickets. All train terminals are not even posted until 10-15 minutes before scheduled departures.


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